I could not find better prices on Alpine Aire food anywhere.
Gerald, Arizona
The Scouting Community turns to us for our great selection of backpacking food.

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Backpacking Food
You want your backpack to be as light as possible and our LIGHTWEIGHT backpacking food (only 2-7 ounces per 2 serving pouches) can help with this.  Carrying less weight in your backpack can make your outings easier and more enjoyable.  This is the best Backpacking Food around!

Trail Food
Hiking down the trail, you don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking food and cleaning up afterwards.  You can prepare this food right in its foil pouch.  Just add water (hot or cold per the instructions) to the contents of the pouch, mix and let if stand for a few minutes.  Then Enjoy!  When done, fold up the foil pouch and stick it back in your backpack.  If you have food left over, just zip it shut and save it for the next meal.  This trail food makes if easier to be a Leave No Trace camper.  Makes great Trail Food too!

Hiking Food
When you go hiking you need suitable hiking food.  Alpine Aire Food is some of the best hiking food around.  It is quick and easy, with no dishes. Spending less time in food preparation lets you spend more time on the trail.  And this Hiking Food makes it easier too.

Freeze Dried Food
Freeze Dried Food is food that is frozen and then by reducing the surrounding pressure to allow the frozen water in the food to sublimate directly from the solid phase to the gas phase.  In Freeze Dried Food, the flavors, smells and nutritional content generally remains unchanged, making the freeze dried process popular for preserving food.  We have the best Freeze Dried Backpacking Food on the market. 

Dehydrated Food
In Dehydrated Food the water is usually removed through evaporation (air drying, sun drying, smoking or wind drying) making the dehydrated food process also popular for preserving food.  We also have the best Dehydrated Backpacking Food on the market. 

This freeze dried and dehydrated food makes backpacking easy.  No dishes and no clean-up.  Be sure to tell your friends about these great selections.  They will be happy you did. 

Being dried food, makes this food ideal to keep on hand just in case Mother Nature delivers another blow to your area.  It has a shelf life of 5 plus years. It is easy and quick to prepare a delicious meal for your family and friends anytime. It makes this food ideal for SURVIVAL or MRE food.  Something you should always have around the house.

Our backpacking food and is very popular among the Boy Scout Community.  Many Boy Scout Troops come to us for their food when they go on a campout or on a High Adventure, and need to bring their own food.  We have many different selections that will satisfy everyone’s needs or preference.  Try us out!


My Scout Troop backpacked into the Porky Pine Mountains this fall, and camped there for 3 nights.  We ordered our backpacking food from you.  The boys really enjoyed it.  Your food in our backpack was lightweight and available whenever we wanted to eat.  Great backpacking food!    Scoutmaster George, Wisconsin

We go hunting in Colorado a lot.  Last time we took some of your backpacking food along.  It was a welcome change from cooking meals and doing dishes.  We will be sure to order from you next time.    Stuart, Nevada

I was looking for some hiking food ideas.  A friend pointed me to your website.  You have a large selection in a well laid out website.  Your selection had the kind of hiking food we were looking for.    Todd, Arizona

When my wife and I went deer hunting this fall, we hiked in and camped for 3 days in a large forest area.  We took along some of your backpacking food.  I have to say that this was some of the best I ever tasted.  We will be ordering more food from you in the future.    Rick, Minnesota

Our troop does a lot of hiking in the mountains.  It is not uncommon for us to hike 10-20 miles down the trail in a weekend.  We heard about your trail food and decided to try some.  We were very pleased.  It was great food.  It was quick and easy to prepare, with no dishes to do. This gave us more time to hike.  We will be ordering some more food from you for our hike this spring.    Joel, Pennsylvania  

As the SPL for his Scout Troop, our Scoutmaster assigned him the task of looking for some backpacking food ideas.  We found your site and noticed you have tons of GREAT food ideas that looked tasty.  So we ordering some and were pleased with the quality as well as your service.   Payton, Iowa

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